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Some New And Cool Products On Taobao


Some New And Cool Products On Taobao

When you are bored, you can always find some new and cool products by browsing on Taobao.

Pillow For Nap

Work and study tired, take a rest. With this pillow, the arm will never numb again.

Projection Night Lamp

Look at the colorful starry sky in room together.

Universal Mobile Tablet Support

No longer have to bow your head to play with your mobile phone, and free your hands.

Suspension Bluetooth Speaker

360 degree rotation, stereo surround sound effect.

Sandwich Breakfast Machine

It only takes three minutes to make your own breakfast sandwich.

DIY Jellyfish Night Light

Besides jellyfish, you can also customize other patterns.

Mobile Phone 3D Magnifying Projection Screen

Let mobile phones change into cinemas in seconds.

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