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The Cool, The Cheap & The Crazy | 2nd edition


The Cool, The Cheap & The Crazy | 2nd edition

The Three Devil Magic Cube

I want to “resurrect” the big devil.

DIY Micro Projector

I also own my own small theater. That’s great.

Mini Printer

Send custom messages and print personal photos at any time. It’s very compact and light

Peanut Massage Ball

Use simple, where pain, massage where.

Hand Cream

Hand cream with flower and fruit aroma.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Game Dice

Don’t guess whether the other one will give scissors or cloth anymore. Let’s see who’s luckier.

Hasbro Toilet Trouble Game

“Oh, Watch your face.”

Simulated Bread Slippers

“I’m so hungry. Can I take a bite?”

Baby Wig

Babies also feel sad about not having hair.

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