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The Best Gift for Yourself in the New Year


The Best Gift for Yourself in the New Year

After a hard year in 2018, it’s time for us to relax, reward ourselves and prepare a small gift for ourselves. Here are some gifts we have selected from Taobao and Tianmao. You can refer to them.

Eye Massage Instrument

Work and study for a long time. Relax your eyes and massage them.

Massage paste

If you’re tired of work, put a massage on it for a while.

Playing with mobile phone artifacts in winter

It’s cold in winter. We can play with mobile phones like this.

Cloak blanket

Guess who I am?

Drink Dispenser

Six revolving wine racks, You can choose what you want to drink.

Lazy fruit tray

Eat and see at any time, anywhere, and easy to disassemble and clear.

Foot massage

In winter, our hands and feet are easy to freeze. At this time, we should prepare a prop which can not only heat and keep warm, but also massage.

Twelve Constellations Music Box

Music box is full of magic, You can ask to engrave your name on it.

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