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Stay away from Haze for keeping Health


Stay away from Haze for keeping Health

When it comes to winter, what do you think? Snowflakes? Christmas? Or a warm fireplace? If you stay in China, you will find that there is a word with a high frequency, namely “haze”. Winter weather is dry, PM2.5 concentration in the air rises, which will have adverse effects on health. In order to stay away from it as far as possible, we recommend the following several necessities, hope to be useful to you.

Pure cotton dust-proof breathable mask

Masks are trimmed in 3D to fit the face and are more fashionable. Fabric is not deformed, more skin-friendly, using multi-layer filter, filtering efficiency is higher.

3M mask

This mask not only filters haze, but also removes odor, smoke, formaldehyde and presents formaldehyde purifier.

Xiaomi Home Air Purifier

This air purifier uses OLED screen display, laser particle sensor, 360 degree air intake, three levels of purification, intelligent multi-level adjustment.

Vehicle-borne Intelligent Air Purifier

Solar charging, on-board start-up and shut-down, no need for filter, activated carbon adsorption, 6 kinds of fragrance you choose.

Meiling humidifier

Large capacity, multiple purification, silver ion bacteriostasis, water shortage automatic power off, mute humidification, 360 degree humidification, fragrance box.

Air quality monitor

There are many sets of sensors, which can monitor a variety of data, including formaldehyde, PM2.5, can connect to mobile phones, TV, download APP, view historical data, can compare the air quality changes before and after.

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