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Interesting outdoor games and children’s activities


Interesting outdoor games and children’s activities

Interesting outdoor games and children’s activities

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Continuous rainy days, the whole person is not good. Now that the weather is finally clear and warm, your children will like to go out and enjoy the sunshine. We found some outdoor games and activities to make them entertaining and active. I hope you and your children can spend a happy time alone.

Children’s slide

This slide increases the length and width of the slideway, raises the height of the guard, enhances the fun, and improves the safety.

Children’s basketball rack

This basketball rack can adjust height freely according to the height of the child. It has a large base area, strong and stable.

Badminton racket for children

The handle of this badminton racket is designed with soft edge wrapping. It is not only slippery, but also does not hurt hands. The racket weighs only 100g and feels light.

Bowling for Children

This children’s bowling ball is safe, environmentally friendly, bright, comfortable and lightweight.

Children’s Toy Frisbee

Children’s toy Frisbee is soft and light in material, with smooth and thick edges and no pain on the body,it’s more safe.

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