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What gifts do you bring home for the New Year?

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What gifts do you bring home for the New Year?

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Soon it will be New Year’s Day in 2019. Are you ready to bring any gifts back to your family and friends? According to the Chinese zodiac, this year is the year of pig in China. We recommend some pig related gifts here.

Lovely pig plush toys

This toy has a dull expression, bright eyes, lovely appearance, soft and comfortable fabric, fine workmanship, PP cotton filling.

CK Red Underwear

In China, the Chinese zodiac is a pig in this year, will wear red underwear, red represents happiness, riches and honour, bustle, auspicious, repose people’s good wishes for the new year, hope that they can have good luck.

Massage Piglet

This piglet has a lovely appearance and can be massaged by heating. It can massage neck, back, waist and legs. It is silent and noise-free.

Golden Pig Ornaments

Gold represents wealth. The golden pig implies that it hopes to bring wealth to the family in the new year. I wish you every success in your career. The ornaments are exquisitely crafted and brightly coloured.

Year of the pig calendar

It’s a desk calendar,but not limited to it. Pig calendar uses hand-drawn cartoons with the theme of abundance. It adds elements such as lotus, treasure trough and willow branches. It contains the implications of abundance, wealth and wealth.

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